Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hanukkah: The Countdown Begins! Adam Sandler Sings The Chanukah Song

With Chanukah beginning on Friday night, December 11, there are 23 days remaining until the start of the holiday. Also 23 shopping days because with internet access there is no day free from shopping.

Today Jewish Humor Central inaugurates our Hanukkah Countdown. Each day from now until the end of Hanukkah we will have a special daily Hanukkah post in addition to the regular daily post of a joke, video, or real event occurring in the Jewish world.

Be sure to check Jewish Humor Central daily from now through the last day of Chanukah, December 19 for your dose of fun and an extra special Hanukkah video, joke, event, or shopping tip.

By the way, we alternate spellings of the holiday as Chanukah and Hanukkah to maximize chances of these posts getting picked up by Google and the other search engines.

We start the countdown today with Adam Sandler singing his now classic Chanukah Song. Enjoy!

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