Sunday, November 18, 2012

Announcing "Jewish Humor on Your Desktop": The Best of Jewish Humor Central in 7 New eBooks and Lectures

A Message from the Blogger-in-Chief:

After more than three years and 957 blog posts, Jewish Humor Central is expanding into new areas: eBooks and lectures.

The blog is not changing. It will continue with a new post every day except Shabbat and Jewish holidays, covering the usual mix of jokes, funny happenings, music videos, holiday humor, and Yiddishe nachas, usually connected to a video clip. And there will continue to be no charge for subscribing. No cost, no obligation, no spam.

Today I'm announcing a new series of seven eBooks titled Jewish Humor on Your Desktop. They are based on the best of Jewish Humor Central blog posts from the last three years. I selected more than 400 of the funniest and most interesting posts and associated videos and organized them by category. They fit into the following groups:

Volume 1: Old Jokes and New Comedians
Volume 2: Israel is a Funny Country
Volume 3: Humor in Jewish Life (You Can't Make This Stuff Up)
Volume 4: Jewish Traces in Unexpected Places
Volume 5: Yiddish is a Funny Language
Volume 6: Jewish Holiday Hilarity
Volume 7: Yiddishe Nachas

All seven eBooks are available for purchase at at $2.99 each.

The complete collection is available in one volume for $9.99, including more than 400 anecdotes and back stories, and more than 20 hours of links to video clips on the Internet.

They can be read on the iPad, iPhone, iTouch, Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD, BlackBerry, Android SmartPhones, and desktop PCs and Macs. You will need a Kindle Reader for your device, downloadable free from

You can view the table of contents of each volume and download a free sample from the book listings on   

So you may want to ask: “Why a book?” and “Why now?

The nature of a blog is that the many posts (now approaching 1,000) appear and are quickly displaced by new posts. Of course, if you want to take the time to search the archives and keywords on the Jewish Humor Central site, you can find any post going back to the first one.

The rapid growth and acceptance of tablets and smartphones offered an opportunity to organize the best posts by category, present them with direct links to the videos and make them available to a wide audience at a very low price. With Jewish Humor on Your Desktop, you will be able to put your finger on a favorite post and add a touch of fun to your day wherever you happen to be.

In 2013, I will be delivering lectures on Jewish humor at synagogues, Jewish Community Centers, and other locations. If you are interested in booking a presentation on the general topic of Jewish Humor on Your Desktop or on any of the topics covered in the volumes of the series, you can reach me by e-mail at akustan at or by phone at 201-796-9273.

I hope you find the books entertaining and a source for sharing funny jokes, anecdotes, and incidents with your circle of family and friends. They should make good gifts for Hanukkah and other occasions.  

Thanks for your support and encouragement in reading and commenting on Jewish Humor Central posts each day. 

Al Kustanowitz

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