Thursday, September 22, 2016

Throwback Thursday Comedy Showcase: Sammy Davis Jr.'s Visit to Archie Bunker

One of the most celebrated episodes of All in the Family aired in 1972. It's the classic tale about the time Sammy Davis Jr. stopped by to visit the Bunkers.

It begins with a briefcase he left in Archie's cab and ends with the kiss of infamy. 

Very few people are aware that the writer of this episode was Bill Dana, who we all know as Jose Jimenez. Dana's appearances with Ed Sullivan and Milton Berle as an astronaut, karate expert, and Santa Claus instructor were legendary.

Last year we profiled Bill Dana as one of the great Jewish comedians. In the interview below he recounts the backstory of how he came to write the episode with producer Norman Lear. 

Just in case you're yearning to see the full 25 minute long Sammy's Visit episode that Dana and Lear wrote, you'll find it right below the Bill Dana interview.


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