Thursday, September 5, 2019

Throwback Thursday Comedy Special: Buddy Hackett Tells Johnny Carson About His Mother's Chulent

Every Thursday we take a walk down memory lane to find a video clip that made us laugh so many years ago and that continues to be a source of smiles and laughter.

Buddy Hackett is one of our favorites, and from the comments you've made on previous postings, he's one of your favorites, too. He appeared many times on The Johnny Carson show, and we have shared many video clips of those shows on Jewish Humor Central over the past few years.

In this episode on the Johnny Carson show from July 1974, Buddy tells Johnny about his mother's chulent and reads poems from The Naked Mind of Buddy Hackett, a book of poetry that he wrote back in 1974.

In the book, Buddy has something to say about nearly everything. Each of his poems expresses unusual insight and a respect for personal individuality. And each, he says, was inspired by a a specific person or event. He's saved them over the years-on scraps of paper and restaurant napkins-and the whole collection is here in his book, which is now out of print.



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