Friday, November 12, 2021

Welcoming Shabbat with V'Shamru by the Pey Dalid Trio

Pey Dalid is a trio of brothers --
Mordechai, Shlomo and Pesach Walker -- who have bringing audiences an uplifting experience of musical styles, popular genres and “One World Music”.
Armed with catchy melodies and thought provoking lyrics, the brothers of Pey Dalid  have been performing across the world for the last 20 years, spreading the message of unity and peace through their sweet harmonies and lively music.
The brothers were influenced by a home filled with the classic standards of legends such as Ella Fitzgerald and Miles Davis. They learned of music’s power to bring cultural harmony at the knee of their father, a highly respected booking agent in the world of entertainment. As they grew as musicians, their love of hip hop, rock, reggae and the fiercely energetic mosh pits of their youth created an influential and inspirational Pey Dalid sound, which has been heard throughout the world.
Blessed with beautiful voices and the ability to uplift all those around them, the brothers have lead Shabbat and holiday services for communities throughout the globe.

The band strives to bring a revolution of positive change and awareness. Mordechai explains, “In Hebrew the letter, Pey represents the number 8, the spiritual and infinite, and Dalid represents the number 4, the physical and finite. When we bring the two together we fulfill the purpose of creation. Our music bridges the core of those dualities, connecting not only with our Jewish brothers and sisters but with the human family throughout the world.”

Today we're sharing Pey Dalid's interpretation of Shlomo Carlebach's V'Shamru, a key component of the Friday evening service.

Enjoy, and Shabbat shalom!

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