Thursday, September 2, 2010

Classic Rosh Hashana Videos: Benji Lovitt Conducts Street Interviews In Tel Aviv

Sheinkin Street is known as the trendiest street in Tel Aviv, where colorful people stroll about.  It teems with stylish clothing stores, bars, restaurants, and fruit juice stands, and attracts artists, musicians, and entertainers.  

Last year just before Rosh Hashana, American/Israeli comedian and writer Benji Lovitt took his microphone to this Tel Aviv location to ask people in the street how they are getting ready for the approaching holiday.  The answers and reactions are just as relevant (and funny) as they were a year ago.

Lovitt has been doing stand-up comedy for years and will be in North America this fall, between October 24 and November 10.  He's looking for bookings at synagogues and Hillels, and can be reached via his website,  He does a hilarious show about life in Israel that can be a great introduction for anyone planning a visit to Israel.

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