Monday, September 20, 2010

JEM Walking: What Do You Do With An Etrog?

Jay Leno started it with Jay Walking -- funny person-in-the-street interviews to test random passers-bys' knowledge of various subjects.  

Then it took on a Jewish twist with Jew Walking when the National Jewish Outreach Program had comedian/writer Simmy Kay interview Jews about Judaism in front of Zabar's on Manhattan's West Side. 

Rabbi Zvi Drizin of Dallas Chabad followed with a Texas version of Jew Walking last Chanukah.

With the eight-day holiday of Sukkot starting this Wednesday night, we were looking for some funny Sukkot videos to post, and were lucky to come across this gem from the Jewish Experience of Madison, Wisconsin (JEM.)  JEM is an independent organization dedicated to heighten Jewish awareness among students on the University of Wisconsin campus.

Naturally, they call their street interviews JEM Walking.  Enjoy!

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