Friday, May 13, 2011

Chassidic Klezmer Violinist Takes an Irish Turn at London Wedding

Last June we profiled Daniel Ahaviel, a British klezmer violinist who made aliyah to Israel in 1988. His violin playing covers an amazing range of musical styles, including chassidic, klezmer, and Irish. 

This week he made an appearance at a Chassidic wedding in London, playing a combination of music from the Irish productions Riverdance/Lord of the Dance, and traditional Chasssidic music.

Watch the reactions of the wedding guests in their shtreimels as they look on in fascination at the surge of Irish music, not quite knowing what to do with it. As soon as the style shifts to familiar Jewish music, they quickly figure out what to do. Dance!



  1. Enjoyed watching the listeners' ambivalence (makes me want to dance, but what if it's treif?). Wonder what group of hasidim it is. Obviously not the Dubliners.

  2. I was there when he played and its mainly Satmer Chassidim. It was a Satmer wedding but other chassidic groups from Stamford Hill were there.

  3. He's absolutely fabulous what a virtuoso performance the skill and versatility second to none
    !】 probably lost on our brethren!