Monday, May 2, 2011

Famous and Beautiful Jewish Actors and Actresses

Every time we do a post focusing on pop culture we know we're going to get some praise and some criticism. 

We think our society places much too much emphasis and gives sometimes undeserved rewards to poster and pin-up men and women who happen to make their living by acting in front of cameras or live audiences, and far too little emphasis and rewards to people who make important and lasting contributions to the world in the fields of science, education, and religion.

But, hey, you can't avoid pop culture. It's all around us, and most of us will have to admit, a lot of these people make us laugh and cry and make our lives more interesting.

A new list of famous and beautiful Jewish actors and actresses just appeared on YouTube and we wanted to share it with you. The Jewishness of some of them may not conform to your particular standard, but we say let's take pride in their accomplishments in rising to the top of their profession and looking good while doing it.  Enjoy the video!


  1. 'Pink'?? Shortened from Pinkstein? from Pinksky?

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