Tuesday, August 28, 2012

eBay Vendor Sells Chai Pendant as Navajo Moose

Earlier this month, an eBay seller sold and an eBay buyer bought what they thought was a unique vintage Navajo Moose sterling silver pendant. What the buyer got was a sterling silver rendering of the Hebrew letters chet and yud, spelling chai, the Hebrew word for life.

Why a moose? Well, if you take a close look at the chai and use your imagination, you might see the yud as the head and antlers of a moose standing with front legs and back legs perfectly aligned.

We think that's a stretch, but in Fort Worth, Texas, there may be more moose than chai pendants. This one is claimed to be unique. We searched all over but at first we couldn't find a photo of a moose, Navajo or not, that looked like this piece of jewelry. But then we discovered a Navajo moose earring that did bear a resemblance to a chai, that is, if you remove the antlers. So was the seller right?

Navajo Moose or Chai Pendant? You be the judge!

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