Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Just When You Thought You'd Seen It All -- Announcing Kosher Diapers!

As big fans of Purim humor, we feel threatened whenever true stories appear that seem to be Purim jokes but are very real. How can we come up with funny make-believe products and headlines when funnier ones appear in the news every day?

After yesterday's post about blurry eyeglasses to prevent the wearer from seeing immodestly dressed women, we thought we'd seen it all. But no, we hadn't, because today's unbelievable but true story is the announcement of Kosher Diapers.

We're not kidding. Apparently some diaper users were concerned that using the tape on the tabs to attach the two halves of the diaper is somehow related to sewing, one of the 39 categories of work that was used to build the Temple and is therefore forbidden on Shabbat. Or that the bond was so strong that once applied, the only way to remove the diaper was to tear it, another forbidden task.

So some ingenious marketer came up with the idea of using only Velcro tabs, which can be hooked together and separated again and again, without violating any Shabbat laws. Presumably, the new kosher diapers will be sold wherever you can buy kosher pacifiers and kosher toilet seats.

The boxes have a seal stating that the diapers are approved for Shabbat and Holidays, but no rabbi's name appears as the approver. We suspect that they're planning to announce it on Purim.

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