Friday, November 13, 2020

Welcoming Shabbat with a Salsa Version of Adon Olam by Hazzan Diego Rubinsztein

Hazzan Diego Rubinsztein served the last 20 years as cantor and music director at CIRA—Templo Libertad, the oldest synagogue in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a pianist, composer and musical arranger. 

With a unique style, Hazzan Diego is one of the most important leaders of the modern liturgical music in Latin America. He has recorded several CDs of Jewish spiritual music and many synagogues around the world sing his tunes.

In this version of Adon Olam, the 62nd version that we've posted, Hazzan Diego gives us a lively performance with a salsa beat.

Enjoy, and Shabbat shalom!


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  1. Love this performance with a salsa beat any day of the week.