Thursday, December 15, 2022

Celebrating Our 4,000th Post in 13+ Years of Jewish Humor Central

Jewish Humor Central made its first appearance on the Internet on Sunday, October 4, 2009. In the following 13+ years we have posted video clips to fulfill the mission that we established at the beginning -- an objective that has appeared as the header on our home page ever since.

We posted Jewish humor items in the following categories: Jokes,  stories, parodies, satire, legends, books, films, Unbelievable But True, and In the News. Some were new, and some were classics. Occasionally some were not really funny, but thought-provoking.We included our own comments, but generally relied on the links to tell their own story.

We included items from religious and secular sources of all Jewish denominations, and we tried to keep the site family-friendly. Any perceived slight to any group or subgroup has been unintentional, and we trusted that people without a sense of humor would not be offended by anything we posted or linked to.
So for today's 4,000th post, we are looking back over the years and repeating the five most viewed posts since Jewish Humor Central began. We hope you enjoy seeing them again and understand why they have been so popular. 

#1 - Barbra Streisand Performs Avinu Malkeinu at Shimon Peres' 90th Birthday Celebration in Jerusalem.

#2 - Alan King Explains All the Middle East Conflicts
#3 - Ivanka Trump Goes to Shul on Sukkot and the Media Doesn't Get It
#4 - I Could be Jewish For You
#5 - Yiddishology - How Good Is Your Yiddish - "Shtipper" or "Shtupper"?
Enjoy them all!
Thanks to all of our subscribers and casual readers for your feedback, encouragement, and loyalty through the years. We look forward to more postings to keep you smiling always. We'll be back with more posts tomorrow starting with our weekly Welcoming Shabbat video.

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