Thursday, December 22, 2022

Here Come the Hanukkah Videos: Gad Elbaz Sings a New Version of O Chanukah

Gad Elbaz already achieved international success by the age of 26 with three number one hit songs, Halayla Zeh Hazman, Or and Al Neharot Bavel.  All of his CD's have climbed high on the charts and sold over 100,000 copies in Israel alone.   

Gad began to sing and write music at age four. He first appeared with his father Benny Elbaz, a popular Israeli singer, accompanying him on the hit song Father I Love You.

Gad's music intentionally captures both the observant and secular listener by mixing original and biblical texts with ballads, harmonies, middle-eastern rhythms and modern pop. Many of the songs are a collaboration between him and his wife Moran, where he composes the music and she writes the lyrics. 

In this video, Gad sings a new version of O Chanukah. Enjoy!


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