Sunday, October 11, 2009

Inventions for Jewish Life, "My Zayde is So Religious That..."

Meet Marvin Silbermintz, one of the funniest behind-the scenes comics in America. Twenty-one years ago, Jay Leno hired him to be a writer for the Tonight Show. Marvin moved from Fair Lawn, New Jersey, to Los Angeles, where he has been writing monologues and comedy bits for Leno ever since.

Last year Marvin appeared on a Chabad telethon where he showed off a collection of his innovations and inventions for Jewish life. Towards the end of this video he is joined by the telethon host who presides over a "Can You Top This?" contest called "My Zayde Was So Religious That..."

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  1. Very the way, the host is Elon Gold, who presides over many of the so-called "Jewy shows" here in L.A., and used to be on "Stacked," with Pamela Anderson.