Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jokes, Jokes, and Still More Jokes

David Minkoff, author of Oy and Oy Vey, The Ultimate Books of Jewish Jokes, started collecting good (and sometimes bad) jokes long before publication of the books. He has been adding them regularly to his website, www.awordinyoureye.com, where fans have been reading, printing, and retelling them in every possible environment. We have friends who participate in a weekly Talmud study group that always begins with a joke from this site.
THE JEWISH JOKES OF awordinyoureye.com now number more than 2,245, and are arranged in categories. There are 108 sets of Jewish jokes, puzzles, material for speeches, Jewish jokes for children, naughtier Jewish jokes, and even three sets of non-Jewish jokes. Laugh a little!

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