Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Update: FOX Replaces Offending Billboard In B'nei B'rak; Haredi Blog Defaces Model Photo

Facing a potential boycott from the Haredi community (see last Thursday's blog post,) Israel's Fox Clothing Company decided to replace the B'nei B'rak billboard featuring top model Bar Refaeli wearing minimal clothing. According to a Fox press release, “even though there were only several complaints, Fox decided to take them into account since the clothing company appeals to the general public and all sectors of society.”

The new billboard, showing Refaeli and Israeli "Survivor" reality star Noam Tor in winter clothes, would seem to have solved the problem. But the Haredi news blog, Vos Iz Neias, apparently decided that even showing Refaeli's face was too provocative for its readers to see. Above left is the billboard that passing motorists see in Israel, and next to it the version in Vos Iz Neias with Refaeli's airbrushed face.

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