Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More New Inventions For Jewish Life By Marvin Silbermintz

Way back in October 2009, when Jewish Humor Central was just getting started, we posted a video clip of Marvin Silbermintz, lead comedy writer for Jay Leno on the Tonight Show, showing his funny inventions for Jewish Life on a Chabad telethon.  As we said then, we knew Marvin when he lived in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, before he followed Jay to Los Angeles.

Well, we found another appearance by Marvin at another Chabad telethon a year later where he introduces a whole new set of funny inventions.  This new set includes:

- Dinnerware for the Jewish Home
- Bluetooth for Zayde
- The groom shoe
- Jewish tool kit
- Jewish mother quiz game
- Full feature prayer book
- Mezuzah kisser

We hope you enjoy this set, and if you missed the first set, we're repeating it at the bottom of this post. 

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