Friday, April 23, 2010

The Jew Song: A Pop/HipHop Take On What It Means To Be Jewish

Yozzup?! is a digital media project created by Ryan Gruzen in collaboration with other talented music and video artsts. Yozzup?! tackles a wide range of subjects in their music and videos that get you to laugh, learn something, and also bob your head.

We came across this video by Yozzup?!, a new entry on the music scene, and we were pleasantly surprised by the positive, funny, rhythmic way that it conveyed the importance of Jewish values and Jewish history in shaping our world view.

It's not your father's or mother's and certainly not your grandfather's or grandmother's Jewish music, but maybe it will reach a new generation and give them a positive view of their heritage and the symbols that we all share throughout the Jewish year.  Enjoy!

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