Friday, April 2, 2010

The Simpsons Visit Israel - The Full Version

In an episode of The Simpsons that has been eagerly anticipated for months, Homer Simpson and his dysfunctional family fly to Israel with nerdy neighbor Ned Flanders and his Bible study group.  When Homer visits the Western Wall and many of the popular tourist sites in the Holy Land, you can imagine what might happen.  Well, it does, and Bart, Marge, and company all live up to our highest (or lowest) expectations.  

If you're looking for the usual political incorrectness and crude humor that all episodes of The Simpsons are known for, you won't be disappointed.  But for anyone who has experienced Israel as a tourist, many of the scenes are surprisingly accurate and reflective of the country and its characters.  Sacha Baron Cohen adds a special depth in his portrayal of the tour guide.

Since we posted this, the video was removed from YouTube.  So the best we can offer now is a very short clip showing their plane landing in Israel.  Enjoy!


  1. Since we posted this video, it was removed from YouTube. So we searched again, and found a short clip from the episode showing the Simpsons' plane landing in Israel. Hopefully, this clip will not be removed. Enjoy!