Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Classic Yiddishe Workout - Featuring The Shoulder Shrug

You won't see it in a goyishe workout, but it's the key to a yiddishe workout.  What is it?  Der Axel Kvetch, otherwise known as the shoulder shrug.  But be very careful.  Don't get started until you see your doctor.  

Why shlep to the gym?  Shvitz in the privacy of your own shtub (house) with the one and only exercise workout tape in Yiddish.   Shvitz! is a 30 minute workout of simple exercises for strengthening and toning muscles.  It includes pre-exercise warm-up routine and muscle-toning exercises for arms, legs and abdomen.  

Shvitz! is real.  It's available as a DVD from the Workmen's Circle website and as a VHS tape format from

Veteran actress of the Yiddish stage Shifra Lerer explains and demonstrates exercises for beginners.  Betty Silberman and Yekhiel Geller-Katz exercise along with you, demonstrating variations for the advanced exercise buff.  Klezmer background music adds a fun Yiddish tam to your exercise program.  English subtitles are included.

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