Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Who's Singing Hava Nagila? Is It Really The Beatles?

We haven't run out of unusual versions of Hava Nagila, probably the best known Jewish song in the world.  We've brought you a selection of performances from India, Thailand, Israel, Russia, Texas, the UK, and Cuba.

Today we take you back to the 1960s, when Beatlemania was raging in the music world.  But did the Beatles really sing Hava Nagila?  You'll do a double take, as we did, watching the video below.  It's remarkable how much the singers look like the Fab Four, especially Paul and Ringo.

But it's really a performance by a Beatles tribute band, The Moptops, taken from a real movie parody of A Hard Day's Night, called A Hard Day's Day.  The nine-minute film, directed by David Kessler, depicts a day in the life of the band.  Hava Nagila is the song played in the movie's climax, set at a Bar Mitzvah celebration.  Enjoy!

(A tip of the kippah to Chai Priestess, a Jewish Humor Central subscriber, for bringing this clip to our attention.)

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