Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yiddishology: How Good Is Your Yiddish? "Plotz": Ninth of a Series

Today we're heading back to Tampa, where the Yiddishologists at the Tampa Jewish Community Center are out in full force once again, this time trying to zero in on the best definition of the Yiddish word plotz.

You may recall our previous sessions with the Tampanese, as they volunteered definitions of shtupper, kenahora, ungapatchka, shlimazel, and shmegegge, tchotchke, halevai, and balabustaSome of the clips are so funny, we could plotz from laughter.   So thanks again, Tampa, for giving us some language lessons along with lots of fun.


  1. I can't believe these people are from or in Florida- they should know this simple word. Now if you said they were from Oklahoma... well, that would be a different story.

  2. I wrote here about the connection between plotz and the Hebrew "ma pitom":

  3. Thanks, Anonymous. Yiddish words expressions are funny in that they take on different meanings for different people, depending on the circumstances in which they first heard them. Very few people have actually studied Yiddish formally so no two vocabularies are exactly alike and all definitions are approximate, but usually close enough to be on target.

    And thanks to you, Balashon. Now I have a new blog to read regularly. You've got another subscriber.