Monday, April 11, 2011

Gefilte Fish Chronicles Bring the Warmth of Pesach Preparation to Your TV

In 1904, Abe and Minnie Dubroff immigrated from Russia to Brooklyn where they raised seven daughters and a son. For a century, the family has gathered at Passover and celebrated the Seder together... first in Brooklyn, then in Boonton, New Jersey and Newburgh, New York.

Six Weeks before the Seder the three surviving sisters shopped and chopped, tasted and seasoned. Using recipes nearly a century old, they began to put together the Gefilte Fish, Cholent, Horse Radish and Sponge Cake. 

The Gefilte Fish Chronicles , a film showing the whole Pesach preparation process from shopping for the perfect fish and meat through the cooking of enormous quantities of gefilte fish, cholent, and matzo brie, and celebrating the seder, has gotten rave reviews whenever it's shown on TV, and here it comes again!

In March 2007 The New York Times printed a review by Ron Wertheimer. Read it here.

The entire hour-long film will be shown on PBS stations on Sunday, April 17. In the New York Area you can see it on WNET (13) at 2 pm or on WLIW (21) at 5 pm. Set your video recorders and enjoy!

The DVD and companion cookbook are available for purchase on

Here's another clip as the fish is delivered.

And another as the ladies go to the butcher to buy meat for the cholent (and give the butcher an education on how to cut the meat)

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  1. Absolutely adorable I loved it and want to make cholent. Makes me miss my sisters