Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Supermarket Comes Alive with Music and Dance as 8th Day Band Plays 'Ya'alili"

Shopping in a supermarket is rarely an exciting experience. But when the 8th Day Band took to the aisles of the Pomegranate kosher supermarket in Brooklyn to create a music video of their hit song Ya'alili, the lively combination of Ashkenazic and Sephardic music reverberated as shoppers, butchers, shelf stockers and custodians joined them and a cast of Bukharian dancers and instrumentalists playing the bouzouki, duduk, doumbek, and drums. Even the fish on ice in the seafood department got into the act.

8th Day, which was co-founded by brothers Shmuel and Bentzi Marcus, is quickly becoming one of Jewish Music's hottest new bands. The group has released three studio albums that get air play on the radio in New York and Israel.

They have played hundreds of shows across the globe, including in New York's Lincoln Center, the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Universal Studios Citywalk in Hollywood, and on stages in Hong Kong, Montreal, South Carolina, and many other locations.

8th Day's fresh and unique sound is complimented by their catchy lyrics (mostly English with some Hebrew and Yiddish mixed in) and their spirited vocal harmonies. Their mega YouTube hit Ya'alili was rated one of the top videos in Israel, the US and Australia. 


(A tip of the kippah to Sheila Zucker for bringing this video to our attention.)

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