Sunday, April 24, 2011

Israeli Parody Commercial for Apple iProducts Introduces iBoy

First, there was the iPod. Then came the iPhone, iTouch and iPad. Now, thanks to the funny folks at Israel's Eretz Nehederet Saturday Night Live-Like TV show, there's iBoy.

Yes, a robotic boy with an Apple screen for a head. The couple in the mock commercial are delighted when the box arrives with their new son (It took 9 months for delivery). But their real son has other ideas and has difficulty coping with the sudden loss of parental attention.

But there's no escaping the realities of technological innovation, and family relationships change again with the arrival of iBoy2.  

We'll be celebrating the last two days of Passover tomorrow and Tuesday. Our usual mix of humor and Yiddishe nachas will resume Wednesday morning.



(A tip of the kippah to Esther Kustanowitz for bring this video to our attention.)

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