Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hilarious Video Shows Canadian NCSY Teachers Making Pizza from Scratch for Students

Torah High is an accredited Jewish studies program in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, created and designed by NCSY, the youth movement of the Orthodox Union, to attract, educate and inspire Jewish public high school students.

For the Five Year Celebration of Torah High Ottawa in June 2011, Bram Bregman & Gaby Scarowsky, the staff and teachers at the program, made this hilarious video making pizza from scratch for their students.

They could have simply ordered a pizza from a nearby restaurant, but that wouldn't be good enough. So the two teachers set out to harvest the wheat, pick tomatoes from the garden and smash them into tomato sauce with their bare feet, make cheese from fresh milk, and assemble the whole pie and bake it for their students.

The entire project was recorded on video, accompanied by music to fit each phase of the process. We think you'll laugh at some of the shtick, so here it is for you to enjoy.

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