Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Chassidic Comedy With Menashe Lustig: The Unspoken Language

How far can the expression "nu" and a few grunts and sighs get you in a lively telephone conversation? If you're Chassidic comedian Menashe Lustig, it can get you pretty far.

We shared some of Lustig's shtick with you last Pesach -- a funny ad for a car wash. Now he's at it again, with a 2 and a half minute phone session with an unseen caller. Not a real word is spoken, just "nu" over and over again, combined with a collection of hand motions and body language.

A Sqverer chassid from New Square in New York's Rockland County, Lustig has his own Facebook page, but you'll have to know Hebrew and Yiddish to read all of the entries there. 


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