Thursday, June 23, 2011

Schtick: It's Part of Jewish Comedy, But How Would You Define It?

Every Jewish comedian has his schtick, but how would you define the term for a general audience?

As part of a documentary on Jewish Humor that's still in development, Jeffrey Schneider has interviewed a dozen Jewish comedians and commentators giving their own definitions of schtick.

Schneider, a 30-year veteran of producing TV news and sports, decided to go for a Master's degree in Interactive Communications and to produce what he calls an interactive documentary on the subject of Why Jews Are So Funny

He's inviting all of us to contribute stories, old home videos, personal recollections of contacts with any comedians, anything that could add to his archive of Jewish humor.

So if you have any stories that involve connections with any Jewish comedians from Jack Benny to Jon Stewart, Jeffrey would be glad to hear from you. You can communicate with him through his website.

Here's the schtick definition video followed by a compilation of the same comedians and commentators sharing their observations on Why Jews Are So Funny.  Enjoy!


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