Monday, July 11, 2011

"Curb Your Enthusiasm" - A Scheduling Correction and Apology

We owe our readers an apology for announcing that the funniest, Jewiest episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm would be shown last night at 10pm. The episode that aired last night was a different one.

The episode that we highlighted in yesterday's blog post, now listed on the HBO website as Palestinian Chicken, is scheduled to be shown on Sunday, July 24, at 10 pm EDT on HBO. We assumed it would be shown last night because it was called a season preview when it was shown to a sellout crowd of about 1,500 at 92nd Street Y in Manhattan last Thursday.

We suspect that this episode was always scheduled as the third of the season, but was shown at the preview session because the producers felt that the strong Jewish nature of the story line would get the best reception from the 92Y audience.

So please try again in two weeks on July 24, and catch the funniest, Jewiest Curb episode ever.

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