Friday, July 22, 2011

Funny Israeli Commercials: How to Say No and Stay Alive

Last year we shared a funny Israeli commercial by the Steimatzky book store chain that showed a man and a woman flirting by showing each other titles of books. Here's another one in the series that we think you'll like.

A mother and her son walk into a bookstore. The boy immediately pulls books and toys from the shelves and piles them up in his mother's hands. The sales clerk smiles knowingly and hands the mother a book titled How to Say No and Stay Alive.

It's all visual, except for the Hebrew tag line: "Even for children, books are Steimatzky."

Like other Steimatzky commercials, the background music may sound familiar. It's Carlos Gardel's Por Una Cabeza, the same song used to accompany the tango scene in Al Pacino's Oscar-winning performance in Scent of a Woman.  If you liked the movie or just the music in the commercial, here's a video clip from the movie with the whole song being played.  Enjoy!

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  1. Absolutely nothing beats this scene with Al Pacino - love - love - love -
    I will watch it at least once a day - THANK YOU!