Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's the Yiddish Cooking Ladies Again With Apple Kugel and Vegetarian Chopped Liver !

If you've been a regular reader of Jewish Humor Central, you're probably familiar with the Yiddish speaking kitchen wizards from the Jewish Forward (Forverts). Since May 2010 we've brought you episodes from their periodic web-based cooking show, Est Gezunterheit (Eat in Good Health).

So what are Rukhl Schaechter and Eve Jochnowitz up to this time? They're making recipes from the files of the late Yiddish actress Shifra Lerer, who has also appeared a few times on Jewish Humor Central.  This episode includes Lerer's Austrian Apple Kugel (or as they say, Kigel) and Vegetarian Chopped Liver (Gehakte Leber.)

Watch as the Forward's chefs banter in Yiddish as they chop onions and peel apples. OK, so it's not the Food Network, but it has a unique Yiddishe taam that you won't get from Rachael Ray or Paula Deen. If you watch carefully and read the English titles on the bottom of the screen, you can actually learn some Yiddish. In paying homage to Shifra Lerer, Jochnowitz launches into a bit of tango dancing, with her cell phone as a partner. Try looking for that on the Food Network!  Enjoy!

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