Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wishing All of Our Readers a Shanah Tovah - Happy New Year 5775

Thanks to our thousands of loyal subscribers and casual readers worldwide who have joined us during the year.  We started this blog on October 5, 2009 and it's been going strong with more than 1500 blog entries over the last four  years.  We appreciate your loyalty and we hope to keep bringing you a daily mix of Jewish humor in all of its forms -- traditional, eclectic, unbelievable but true, and just funny, tempered with touches of nostalgia and Yiddishe nachas.
5774 has been an amazing year for us -- a year in which our fifth grandchild was born, a year of wonderful friendship, a year in which our nine books on Jewish humor have been selling on, and in which we performed comedy shows and lectures in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Israel.
We'll be attending Rosh Hashanah and Shabbat services for the next three days, and we'll be back posting again on Sunday.  Here's wishing a happy, healthy, joyous, prosperous and funny New Year from our family to yours! 
The Kustanowitz Kronikle is our Rosh Hashanah Greeting Card. 
Click on the page below for a printable PDF version.

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  1. Wishing everyone a happy, healthy new year. L'Shana Tova.