Friday, December 4, 2009

Chanukah Countdown - 7 Days to Go: If You're In Israel This Year, You'd Better Not Eat Donuts and Drive

There's a new reason to scarf down donuts on Chanukah this year in Israel.  There's also a new reason (the same one) to avoid them.

Ynet News reports that this year Israelis can find jelly donuts (sufganiyot) that have been infused with 90 milliliters of vodka diluted with jam.  A 100 gram donut will sell for NIS 4.5 (about $1.18.)

"Adults await sufganiyot no less than children do," a source from the company that imports "Hortiza", the vodka to be infused into the donuts, said."Therefore," he added, "we have decided to launch a line of donuts suitable for adults and party-goers."

The vodka contains 35% alcohol, and the alcohol content of each donut is equal to that of a bottle of beer.

That's a pretty powerful donut.

Vodka donuts will be sold only to adults who present an appropriate ID to comply with local law.

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