Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Comedy Showcase: Elon Gold - Not ShamWow. ShmataWOW!

Today we're introducing a new feature at Jewish Humor Central -- Comedy Showcase.  From time to time, we'll highlight a Jewish standup comedian, performing his or her shtick in a short video.  We think it's a good idea to get to know up and coming joke and story tellers who have the potential for comedy superstardom.

Some of these comedians will be familiar if you're accustomed to hanging out in comedy or improv clubs, or if you're a regular viewer of late-night television shows.  If you don't frequent those night spots or if you call it a night early, you may not have seen them perform.  Either way, we hope you'll like our picks.  Please give us your reaction via comments on each blog post or in an email to akustan@gmail.com.

Our first Comedy Showcase features Elon Gold.  According to Wikipedia, 
Gold is an American comedian, television actor, writer and producer. He starred in the television series Stacked.  He also starred in the short-lived sitcom In-Laws. Known for his impressions, including those of Jeff Goldblum, Howard Stern and Jay Leno, Gold can be seen as a judge on the ABC celebrity impersonation competition series The Next Best Thing. Gold was also in the movie Cheaper by the Dozen as a cameraman from the Oprah Winfrey show.

Gold attended the Westchester Day School in Mamaroneck, NY and the Marsha Stern Talmudical Academy (MTA)/Yeshiva University High School for Boys in Manhattan, NY. He is a practicing orthodox Jew.
 Here is Elon Gold in a parody of Vince, the ShamWow guy, as performed on the Chabad Telethon in September.  Enjoy!

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