Thursday, December 3, 2009

Israeli Soldier Jailed for Shabbat Cooking; His Defense - "The Cat Ate My Cholent"

You've probably heard the excuse "the dog ate my homework" many times, but how about "the cat ate my cholent"?

An Israeli soldier from the Nachshon battalion went into the dining room at the army base last Shabbat, intending to eat cholent that was cooked in accordance with halachic regulations.

But before they sat down to the Shabbat meal, they found that a cat had already tasted the stew of meat and potatoes. The soldier, refusing to eat from the tainted pot, decided to make a light meal for himself and his colleagues.

He was seen cooking by a member of the kitchen staff who told him to stop immediately and informed the commander of the battalion. He was put on trial and sentenced to 20 days in detention.

"There are clear orders about observing the Shabbat, and even if the food was inedible there are other options to get food without desecration of the Sabbath," said IDF sources. 

The full story is reported in YNET, the online version of the Israeli newspaper, Yediot Acharonot.

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