Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Israeli Jewish Record Set For Divorces - 11 Times and Counting

Some people buy or lease a new car every two years.  An unnamed man from the Jerusalem area has set a new Israeli record (for Jews) by divorcing his eleventh wife, after spending two years with her.  We can't help but wonder who holds the Israeli record for non-Jews.

The man said that his custom is to divorce his wives every two years and immediately start the search for a new bride, according to Matthew Wagner writing in yesterday's edition of the Jerusalem Post.

"I throw out a hook and the fish come on their own," the man is reported to have said.
The article continues,
In his latest marriage, which also lasted two years, the two sides split the debts the husband had accrued. The woman claimed her husband had promised to work but ended up living off her assets and those of her parents.
From all his marital escapades the man has only one child, to whom he is unable to make child support payments. The man said that he regretted divorcing his first wife because it set in motion a never-ending search for the next "experience." 

The man has actually been re-setting his own record for the past several years. The previous Jewish Israeli record for divorces by a single person was six.

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  1. At first reading, this article does seem humorous. Unfortunately, what lies behind this story is the sad state of affairs in Israel's rabbinical court system.

    Check out a new video series called Beit Din Stories: The Never Ending Story

    “Savta Bikorta” is a fictional character created by the Center for Women's Justice to help the public understand just what happens behind the closed doors of the Rabbinical courts.

    Joel Katz
    Religion and State in Israel