Monday, February 1, 2010

A Classic Joke To Start The Week: Israeli Fighter Jet

Jewish holliday reminder:  Tu B'Shvat has come and gone.  Purim is four weeks away, and Passover is eight weeks away.  So for the next two months some of our jokes will focus on these upcoming holidays.  Here's a classic to get you in the mood for Pesach.

An engineer gets a contract to build a new jet fighter for the Israeli air force.  He builds the plane, but on its first practice run, both wings fall off in flight.  Same thing happens the second flight, and the third.  Deeply distraught, the engineer goes to his rabbi for solace.  The rabbi hears the story and gives the engineer some advice:  Drill a line of holes on the top and the bottom of each wing, right where it connects with the fuselage.  Do that, the rabbi says, and you won't have a problem.

The engineer thinks this is crazy, but he is desperate.  So he does what the rabbi said, and, sure enough, the wings stay on.  Elated, the engineer goes back to the rabbi and asks how he knew this would work. 

"Listen, son.  I've been in this business 50 years.  I have attended 50 Passover seders.  And let me tell you, not once have I seen a matzo break at the perforation." 

A tip of the kippah to Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten for this version of the classic joke.

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