Thursday, February 4, 2010

"A Matter Of Size" - New Comedy About Israelis Who Discover Sumo Wrestling

Jewish film festivals are popping up all over the country, from Maine to Savannah to San Diego, and all over the world.  We'll keep an eye on them and report on films that we believe Jewish Humor Central readers will enjoy.  For starters, here's a preview of a new film from Israel, A Matter of Size.
Herzl (Itzik Cohen) is and always has been overweight. Newly unemployed, living at home with his mother in Ramla and banished from his weight-loss program, he finds himself washing dishes in a Japanese restaurant. There, he is introduced to sumo wrestling. The sport, where size is an asset, transforms Herzl. 

With a few large friends, he pursues his new found passion, which transforms all of their lives and gives them an entirely new perspective on life. A Matter of Size is a comedy about a coming out of a different kind -- overweight people learning to accept themselves and be accepted. The film has adult themes and sexual content. 
Watch for this film at a Jewish Film Festival or a theater near you.  If you're a Netflix subscriber, you can add it to you queue and get it when the DVD is released.  In the meantime, enjoy the trailer!

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