Thursday, February 18, 2010

Purim Parody At Its Best Is Coming To The 92Y Tribeca with The Shushan Channel Purim Show Feb. 28

The Shushan Channel, a comedy troupe of writers and actors who make an appearance once every year at Purim time, will be holding forth for their eighth smash season at Purim Party 2010 on the 92Y Tribeca main stage on Saturday night, February 27, at 8 pm.  The Y building is at 200 Hudson Street in downtown Manhattan.

This year's parodies will include Persia Shore, Flight of the Conquereds, Glee-vey!, Glenn Beck, Harry Potter, and Facebook - ancient Persian style!
This creative and funny team are the ones who gave us Jewno and Meshugene Men, parodies of the movie Juno and the TV series Mad Men.  This year's skewering of Purim and pop-culture is headlined by Lizz Winstead, (co-creator of The Daily Show and creator of Shoot the Messenger) and features a cast from Broadway, VH-1 and Comedy Central, plus all-new hilarity from the writers behind The Daily Show, The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien and 30 Rock.  Featuring a special appearance by 30 Rock’s Scott Adsit, a video presentation by Joel McHale and a surprise message from a star of The Tonight Show.  The show is directed by Mike Shapiro.

Please note, Scott Adsit will be appearing at the 10pm performance only.
Tickets $20 in advance, $30 at the door.

To get an idea of the quality of Shushan Channel parody, check out their shtick in the videos below:  First, their Wolfman, DDS -- parody of current hit movie The Wolfman -- a promo for this year's Purim Night festivities with Saturday Night Live's Will Forte in a supporting role, and then their previous skits, Jewno and Meshugene Men, both wild hits on YouTube with hundreds of thousands of viewings.  Enjoy!
Wolfman, DDS
Meshugene Men
(A tip of the kippah to Esther Kustanowitz's My Urban Kvetch for calling our attention to this show.)

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