Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another Hava Nagila, This One For British Teenyboppers

We've brought you renditions of Hava Nagila from India, Thailand, Israel, Russia, and Texas.  Here's one from the UK.

A couple of years ago British pop singer Lauren Rose recorded an English version of Hava Nagila as a Chanukah present for her grandfather.  Little did she expect that the sexy, slightly racy version would electrify her teeny-bopper fan base and become the Number One Christmas song of 2007.

As Jordan wrote in Jewish Women's Archive's Jewesses With Attitude blog,
Who knew that "Hava Nagila" could be "sexy" ... or "racy"...?  Lauren Rose (formerly Lauren Goldberg), a Jewess from the UK, has given this familiar (and perhaps tiresome) traditional Hebrew folk song a somewhat dirty, teeny-bopper twist. 
Her new top-of-the-charts hit "Hava Nagila (Baby Let's Dance)" -- the anticipated No. 1 Christmas song in the UK... huh? -- is creating a stir in the blogosphere and on YouTube, sparking many reactions, from pride and awe-struck praise, to disgust and outrage.  Performed in a ruffley mini-skirt and seductive, pouty expressions, Rose's lyrics fuse the original Hebrew words of "Hava Nagila" with: "Hold me, hold me... move our bodies, baby let's dance" and "it's ok to let go, it's ok if you wanna show... lose it... just jump, just jump... close your eyes and breathe."
It's a lively version, and we think it's one you'll enjoy.

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