Sunday, May 16, 2010

Carlebach Accordionist Looks Back With Humor 25 Years After His Aliyah to Israel

Howie Kahn, an accordionist for Shlomo Carlebach in the 1970's, made aliyah to Israel about 25 years ago.  Last month he looked back at some of the funny immigrant experiences he had with Israeli bureaucracy.  In an almost hour-long talk, he recalled funny anecdotes that deal with language, cultural differences, and the red tape that anyone who has had contact with Israeli government offices, banks, or post offices would easily recognize.

Kahn appeared in concert with the famous "Singing Rabbi" both in North America and Israel. These performances took place in venues such as Carnegie Hall in New York City as well as the International Convention Center in Jerusalem.

Today we're sharing two Kahn videos, the first of Howie telling a story about his wife's encounter with an Israeli bank clerk and the second a Carlebach song, reinterpreted for today.  Enjoy!



  1. Loved it so much...want to see more!

  2. If you want to see more, here are some links:

  3. howie kahn is very talented.what a joy to see him and hear his stories and listen to his songs.