Monday, May 31, 2010

Flash Mob Experience Takes Hold in Jerusalem with Spontaneous Song, Dance, and Parody

The flash mob phenomenon has taken hold in Jerusalem, starting with the Hanukkah flash mob that we blogged about last December.

Now spreading to cities worldwide, Israel has become a favorite location for large numbers of young people appearing to be walking randomly and not knowing one another, suddenly coming together and performing a choreographed song and dance routine.

The latest of these phenomena took place at the Mamilla mall Jerusalem on a Saturday night in January, when Mayanot, one of Taglit-Birthright Israel's largest providers, brought more than 300 participants out for a takeoff on the hit song My Sharona, retitled My Schwarma

The song My Sharona was written by Doug Fieger, lead singer of The Knack, in 1979, for his then 17-year-old Jewish girlfriend, Sharona Alperin.  This information came to light in February, when Fieger died of cancer at 57.

As JTA reported in Fieger's obituary,
The Knack, an all-Jewish, Los Angeles-based group fronted by Fieger, earned plaudits and comparisons to the Beatles for their debut 1979 album, "Get the Knack." Its straightforward, hook-driven songs were seen as a breath of fresh air in the age of endless disco numbers and nihilistic punk.
Click on the video below to get caught up in the fun.  Enjoy!

Now that you've seen the parody, if you want to see the original My Sharona, here it is:

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