Thursday, May 6, 2010

Funniest Israeli Commercials (First of a Series): Chassidim Protest HDTV

Today we're starting another new series at Jewish Humor Central called The Funniest Israeli TV Commercials.  Most of these commercials have been aired before we started blogging last October, but after seeing some of them we just couldn't resist sharing them with you.

We'll be posting them from time to time, alternating with our other series:  Funny Renditions of Hava Nagila, Yiddishology, and Jewish Standup Comics.  All of these together with our usual reporting of funny things that happen to Jews or are done by Jews in the news.

The first commercial we're posting is an ad for the introduction of HDTV by YES, Israel's satellite television provider.   The lyrics are funny in Hebrew, but even if you're fluent, it may take a few viewings to understand all of the references.  So we picked a version that has English subtitles.  Remember, it is satire, so we hope nobody is offended by the portrayals.  After all, it did run on Israeli television.  Enjoy!

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