Monday, June 21, 2010

Yiddishology: How Good Is Your Yiddish? "Halevai": Seventh of a Series

Last week we returned to the Tampa Jewish Community and their person-in-the street interviews to test for knowledge of yiddish expressions.  We added tchotchke to the list that already included shtupper, kenahora, ungapatchka, shlimazel, and shmegegge.  Now it's time to see how many know the meaning of halevai.

Of course we know it means "if only" or "it should only be so".  Let's see how close the Tampanese come.

Halevai is the title of a song composed by Moishe Oysher and recorded by him and The Barry Sisters in the 1950s.

Strictly speaking, Halevai is a Hebrew word that, along with many others, found its way into the Yiddish language.  There's another version of Halevai, born in Israel, with a new melody, new lyrics, and a hip-hop beat as sung by Israeli singers Subliminal and Sivan.  The melody and the words may change, but the hope remains:  It should only be.  Enjoy!

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  1. where can i find the lyrics for this wonderfull song?