Sunday, January 16, 2011

The 99 Cent Chef Invents The Loxaco -- A Jewish Taco

Billy Vasquez, aka The 99 Cent Chef, has worked his way to the top tier of the blogosphere by removing the haute from haute cuisine.  He cooks and finds interesting and tasty low-cost meals in and around Los Angeles using ingredients that cost 99 cents or less.

Well, this time he's made an exception, and used a high priced ingredient, smoked salmon, to create a new dish, the Loxaco, or Jewish taco.

Vasquez recently created the Loxaco, a Mexican twist on bagels and lox, to celebrate the opening of a lending library and used bookstore called "Libros Schmibros" in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles.  The chef not only assembles the Loxaco, but also cures his own lox, using fresh salmon and a mixture of salt and sugar for two days in the refrigerator, before serving it in a taco.  

In the last ten seconds of the video, he goes a bit too far and strays into very non-kosher territory, but otherwise, all is strictly kosher and easy for you to prepare in your own kitchen.  Looks like a lighter version of the traditional bagels and lox, and it would go well with some mariachi music in the background.  Enjoy!

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