Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Looking For Yiddish Cabaret? How About Di Goldene Pave At The Blue Note Club In Milan?

OK, we know, it's a long way to go to see five women in glittering gold gowns singing Yiddish songs, playing piano, violin, and cello.  But where else but a jazz club in Milan, Italy can you see such an ensemble in action?  And the music, the music!  Tumbalalaika, Dona Dona, Der Neier Sher, and Yiddish wedding music.

The performers call their act Di Goldene Pave (pronounced pav-eh) -  In Yiddish, The Golden Peacock.  The act recently premiered at the Blue Note cabaret/jazz club in Milan. This group consists of five professional musicians/singers coming from different European countries.  The quintet does vocals, light percussion, violin, viola, cello, piano as well as backing vocalists, playing all the different flavors of Jewish music, from Klezmer to Yiddish songs to Spanish/Sephardi music, to Yemenite folk song.

The Goldene Pave are:

Angelica Dettori: vocals and light percussions
Luviona Hasani: violin and backing voice
Eriola Gripshi: viola and backing voice
Cecilia Salmé: cello and backing voice
Valentina Verna: piano and backing voice

And you really don't have to travel to Italy to see them.  Here are a few of their videos for your enjoyment:   Tumbalalaika, Dona Dona, and Tanz Tanz Yiddelach.


  1. http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_5938463

    Hi! More free songs from Goldene Pave at the link above: MELACHE MELUCHE