Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rita Rudner: Funny And Clean Stand-Up Jewish Comic Now At Venetian In Las Vegas

Rita Rudner has always been one of our favorite comics, but she seemed to slip out of sight about ten years ago.  Until then, we looked forward to seeing her guest appearances on the late night TV shows.  But where has she been for the last ten years?  The answer is:  Las Vegas.  

Rudner has been performing regularly at the MGM Grand, then at Harrah's, and this month landed a contract at the Venetian hotel.  She did a PBS special, Live From Las Vegas, a couple of years ago.

One of the hallmarks of her comedy is that it's clean, free from the vulgarity and shouting that many stand-up comics find necessary.  Sure, there's usually some sexual innuendo (after all, Las Vegas is Las Vegas) but her delivery is demure, tasteful, full of wry observations, and very funny.

Rudner started her career as a dancer, then switched to stand-up comedy about her dating experiences.  She married British producer Martin Bergman about 20 years ago and now they have a daughter.  She is fond of Jewish humor but generally reserves it for when she performs for Jewish audiences.

If you're a Rudner fan, you'll get a kick out of this video of her appearance on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson in July 2008.  If you're not familiar with her humor, we think you'll like this sample.

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