Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winner Picked In Short Sci-Fi Film Contest To Show Visions Of Jerusalem In 2111

What will Jerusalem look like 100 years from today?  That's the question put to filmmakers who took up the challenge to produce a science fiction short film envisioning the Jerusalem of 2111.

And now the results are in.  We were hoping for a funny film, but looking through the submissions, we couldn't find even one.  The best we could find were a few somewhat hopeful films, but these were a minority among the generally dark, somber visions that were portrayed by the contestants.

The Jerusalem 2111 contest was sponsored by the Association of Planning and Conservation - Jerusalem (Beit Hamodel), a non-profit organization responsible for building and maintaining the Contemporary Model of Jerusalem ( Beit Hamodel, see pics), used for architectural planning and futuristic decision making.

As reported by Reuters in ynetnews.com,
To judge by an Israeli-sponsored competition of animated short films envisaging Jerusalem a century hence, things won't go easier for the city at the heart of the Middle East conflict.
But against the drag of science-fiction dystopia, there are currents of hope – the kind that organizers believe will have Hollywood appeal, not least given the world-class filmmakers who served as jury for the contest, dubbed "Jerusalem 2111".
Winner of the $10,000 prize was US-based cinema student David Gidali, whose two-minute-long "Secular Quarter" shows a Jewish couple, religious and non-religious, coming face-to-face as UFOs remove the huge cages sealing off their neighborhoods.
We invite you to watch all of the submissions and find the one you like the best.  You'll find them all at the Jerusalem 2111 website.

Here's the promo video which weaves together visions from many of the entries, followed by David Gidali's "Secular Quarter," winner of the $10,000 first prize.  Enjoy!

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