Friday, January 15, 2010

Bamba, Israel's Most Popular Snack For Kids, Goes After Adults With Halvah Version

Bamba, the ever-present packaged peanut butter flavored snack that is the most popular nosh for kids in Israel,  will start to appear in a few weeks in an adult version with a halvah filling.

The Osem company, which launched the original Bamba as a cheese-flavored snack in 1963, quickly changed the flavor to peanut butter in 1964 after a focus group of children in Holon expressed a strong preference for the peanut flavor.

Now, after becoming an integral part of Israeli culture, and nourishing two generations of Israelis, Osem is launching a halvah-filled version to appeal to adult tastes.  It will join a nougat version which debuted two years ago in honor of Israel's 60th birthday.

Bamba and the Bamba baby are so much a part of the Israeli culture that Osem created a tongue-in-cheek historical retrospective that places the Bamba baby at the center of all major events since the founding of the state in 1948.  Click below to see it.